Making Better Places in NSW

19 February 2020

The management, development and activation of key Government sites across NSW will be brought together under plans to better manage and protect the State’s iconic places.

In order to achieve a new and integrated approach, the functions and assets of the Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA) will be brought under the governance of the Place Management NSW Board within the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE).

As a result, the SOPA Board and CEO Charles Moore will finish on Friday, 14 February 2020.

“The NSW Government has a bold vision to create the world’s best places and meet the Premier’s Priorities of great public spaces and a world-class public service,” said Jim Betts, Secretary, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

“By bringing these entities together we can better share expertise, streamline processes and improve outcomes for the people of NSW.

“This will be an exciting opportunity to put together some of the best minds within the public service to activate key Government sites and provide drive economic growth and productivity.

“One of the benefits of bringing together agencies is we are able to better leverage shared skills and experience,” Mr Betts said.

Over the past three years, Mr Moore has led the organisation to further develop Sydney Olympic Park as an economic hub and as one of Sydney's major events destinations.

“Charles brought strong property expertise to SOPA and has played a significant role in revitalising Sydney Olympic Park. It’s a testament to SOPA’s success that the Park welcomes more than 10 million visitors annually,” said Mr Betts.

From 14 February, SOPA assets and teams will be under the direction of Sam Romaniuk, CEO of Place Management NSW. Sam has more than 20 years experience in strategy, portfolio management, and corporate development. As CEO of Place Management NSW, he has made a significant difference to the management of our key foreshore assets and is uniquely positioned to ensure a successful integration of the functions of SOPA and Place Management.

“I’d like to thank the current SOPA Board and its predecessors for their outstanding contribution to one of Australia’s most iconic sporting, recreation, entertainment and business precincts,” Mr Betts said.




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