Pavement specialist Dr Anna-Carin Brink joins Arup


17 January 2020

Civil engineering specialist Dr Anna-Carin Brink has joined Arup’s growing team in Perth, Western Australia.

An expert in pavement engineering, she has extensive theoretical and on-site practical experience having worked on diverse projects in various geological, geographical and climatic regions.

Wherever you go, either walking, driving, riding or taking off in an aeroplane, you are on some form of pavement. This means I have my ‘work’ with me everywhere I go, and I am constantly observing, interrogating and learning. ” Dr Anna-Carin Brink Pavement Specialist

Anna-Carin has been involved in the design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of road and airport pavements and light rail projects in Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Brunei and the Philippines for more than 35 years.

Internationally renowned for her research, she has authored and presented many papers and publications.  She has also developed industry-recognised innovative and practical solutions to many issues, with some of her work being incorporated into an engineering software package, used worldwide.

“When I decided to become a civil engineer, it was with the aim of making a positive difference to society,” she said.  

“By bringing innovative ideas you often challenge ingrained thought-patterns.  However, when those ideas are based on sound engineering principles and experience, you can prove that what you are bringing to the table will make a difference, providing a more sustainable solution.” 

Anna-Carin has been a member of the International Society for Concrete Pavements since 2001 and Director on the ISCP Board since 2006. She holds a PhD in Transportation Engineering.




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