ISPT launches second wave of National Solar PV Project


19 December 2019

We’ve launched stage 2 of our 4 stage National Solar PV Project, with the installation of 13,000 solar panels on 12 retail centres across NSW, VIC and the ACT. It’s just one of the way’s we’re future-proofing our properties and investing in a low carbon future.

Greater energy security

Stage 2 of the project is an $11.6M investment that is anticipated to generate 5,352,900kWH of electricity in year one alone. The investment will allow customers to reap the benefits of lower power bills and greater energy security, with projected cost savings of $1.5M per year.

Alicia Maynard, General Manager of Sustainability & Technical Services says

“The National Solar PV Project is a signature program within ISPT’s broader Environmental Social and Governance strategy. We’re focused on creating a positive future for the 50% of working Australians we represent. By simply operating in energy efficient buildings, our retailers and businesses not only benefit from lower outgoings, they’ll be given the opportunity to execute on their wider sustainability initiatives.”

Exceeding benchmark targets 

Stage 1 of the project has now exceeded benchmark targets on electricity production by 12%, with stage 1 and 2 estimated to generate $30M in cost savings over their lifetime. We’re leveraging the world’s best, most efficient technology to provide a secure long-term energy solution and meaningful outcomes for our customers and the environment. Read more the project here,




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