Consult Australia releases new contract

16 December 2019

Consult Australia has released a new concise contract for consultants, for use in the engagement of professional services.

The new contract is designed to be as flexible as possible – for use by consultants of various sizes and disciplines, across a range of projects. There is also an appropriate balance in the role and responsibilities for both clients and consultants.

We have developed an advisory note to the contract that explores issues including certainty of services including scope, programme and deliverables. All parties are encouraged to take care to ensure that there is certainty and clarity at the outset. This includes understanding the contract terms and the attached documents such as the consultant’s fee proposal.

As a standard form contract, the Consult Australia contract provides important efficiencies for consultants in providing their professional services. It has the potential to reduce transaction costs by eliminating the need to negotiate all contract details for each and every instance a consultancy service is used.

The contract is free to Consult Australia members, and available to non-members at $100 (+GST).

Nicola Grayson, CEO of Consult Australia said; “We are pleased to provide this service to our members to help them deliver quality services to their clients.”

“As we know, innovation can be stifled by protracted negotiations and unfair contract terms. With this contract we have sought to have the right balance between the roles and responsibilities of both consultants and clients. It is hoped that this concise contract will be easily understood by both parties.”

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