New CIT campus to be built in Woden

06 December 2019

Vocational Education and Training Students are set to benefit from the construction of a new, state-of-the-art Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) campus in the Woden Town Centre.

The Government has identified the preferred site for the new campus, which will complement a new Transport Canberra interchange in Woden. Both facilities will be built on and adjacent to the site of the existing Woden Bus Station and the former Woden Police Station site.

The new CIT Woden campus will provide students with a the skills they need, for the jobs they want. 6,500 students are expected to use the campus every year.

CIT Woden will have a focus on cyber, technology qualifications and service skills.  In addition, CIT will continue to offer skills for the industries of business, creative industries, hospitality and tourism.

The investment also demonstrates our guarantee that CIT will remain in public hands. We will continue to invest in tertiary education in this city, with this new campus strengthening CIT’s vocational education and training network.

CIT will retain a continued presence in the City as well as its existing campuses in Bruce, Fyshwick, Gungahlin and Tuggeranong.

Businesses operating in the Woden Town Centre are also set to benefit from the construction of campus in the precinct.   The Town Centre has been hit by successive Liberal Governments that continue to take jobs out of the region. Since June 2013, 1,635 Australian Public Service jobs have either been moved out of Woden or cut under the watch of Conservative Governments. This includes agencies recently moved out of Woden as part of the Federal Government’s decentralisation agenda.

The ACT Government has been stepping up and investing more to support Woden businesses. This has included the relocation of Access Canberra in 2016, ACT Health in 2015,  the upgrade of Phillip Oval and better public spaces in the town centre.

As part of Labor’s plan for Woden, we will continue building and improving the infrastructure residents rely on, support local businesses and create more good jobs.

This includes the single largest expansion of the Canberra hospital campus, a new Woden community centre, the extension of light rail to Woden - and the construction of this new CIT campus.

The CEO of CIT, Leanne Cover, welcomed the decision.

“The prospect of a new, state-of-the-art Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) campus is incredibly appropriate for the advancement of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Canberra and the region,” she said.

“CIT welcomes the ACT Government’s announcement as it reflects its commitment to the best possible future for vocational education and training in Canberra and the region and recognises the essential role CIT plays as the premier VET provider in the ACT providing skills for a modern workforce.”

The ACT Government is investing in infrastructure that will ensure our city remains one of the world’s most liveable and will continue to focus on the priorities that matter most: health, education, transport and community services.




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