Poly Introduces Supplementary Structural Review to Ensure Quality Build

21 November 2019

Poly Australia has introduced an impartial structural peer review as part of its design and construction due diligence procedure to further endorse the structural integrity of its vast portfolio of projects across the nation.

Introduced on its own accord, the supplementary review amplifies the property developer’s commitment to guaranteeing best practice and compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), National Construction Code (NCC) and Australian Standards.

Poly Australia’s additional structural peer review will see each project then undergo an added round of independent evaluation to ensure the design, cost and construction plan is in accordance with all documentation and safety criteria.

The structural peer review will mirror the initial certification, including examination upon the projects design and development, foundation, superstructure, construction documentation and construction implementation.

Poly Victoria’s Executive Director Steve Wang said the developer’s decision to introduce a structural peer review in addition to industry standard reviews was made to further assure quality and safety standards of each development project.

“It’s our intention to go above and beyond to guarantee quality design and delivery on all of our projects. All facets of the review will be comprehensively completed by an impartial party, providing an unbiased analysis of the design, cost and construction plan,” he said.

Showing its commitment to ensuring the structural integrity of its projects, the developer is conducting a complete structural peer review on all of its completed and current projects to date.

Moving forward, Poly Australia will engage an independent engineer to complete the additional review from the beginning of each project. 




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