Arupís Melbourne workplace awarded Platinum WELL Certification


Finola Reid and Ken Fong (centre) receive the Platinum WELL Certification for Arup's Melbourne Workplace from the International WELL Building Institute's Jack Noonan and Rachel Gutter

19 November 2019

Arupís Melbourne workplace has been awarded Platinum WELL Certification by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) - the highest level of certification for buildings and organisations showing world leading commitment towards occupant health and wellness.

Arup Melbourne is one of the first workplaces in Australia and globally to earn the distinction. It is also one of the first professional services and engineering consultancy workplaces to achieve Platinum WELL Certification under WELL v2. 

WELL is the premier building certification programme focussed on enhancing peopleís health and wellness through the buildings where we live, work and play. WELL centres arounds ten categories of building and organisational performance - air, water, nourishment, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind and community.

ďAchieving Platinum WELL Certification for our Melbourne workplace is testament to the integrated design process we undertook to ensure it would support the health and wellness of our people today, and in the future. Ē - Joseph CorrenzaAustralasia Board Member, Melbourne Workplace Project Director

Features of the workplace that helped achieve WELL Certified Platinum rating include:

ďA dedicated Community and Place team was formed to keep us accountable to our own wellness standards, along with internal committees which touch on aspects of wellness in a holistic way. This has formalised our ongoing approach and commitment to wellness, and ensures we build on momentum and increase the impact through regular monitoring. Ē -  Finola Reid Melbourne Office Leader

Created after seven years of rigorous research and development involving leading physicians, scientists and industry professionals, the WELL Building Standard is a performance-based certification system that marries best practices in design and construction with evidence-based scientific research.

WELL is grounded in research that explores the connection between the buildings where people spend much of their time, and their health and wellness.

To be awarded WELL Certification by IWBI, Arup underwent rigorous testing and a final evaluation by Green Business Certification Inc, the third-party certification body for WELL.




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