Consult Australia welcomes infrastructure priority for Deregulation Taskforce

Consult Australia looks forward to working with the Federal Government’s Deregulation Taskforce as it tackles the barriers in infrastructure

04 October 2019

Consult Australia welcomes the Government’s announcement that infrastructure will be one of three areas for the new Deregulation Taskforce.

Consult Australia represents design, advisory, and engineering consulting businesses, an industry comprising some 48,000 firms across Australia that employ around 240,000 employees, including professional engineers. Consult Australia, as the only association representing employers in the sector, welcomes the opportunity to work with the Deregulation Taskforce to find the best solutions to improve productivity for the nation including lowering the financial and administrative burdens on industry.

Nicola Grayson, Chief Executive of Consult Australia, said,

“Our members are encouraged that the Taskforce will actively collaborate with businesses as well as states and territories to devise solutions.

“Getting regulation right is a concern for everyone; big businesses, small businesses, citizens and governments alike. This co-design approach recognises that businesses have the expertise to assist governments deliver the best outcomes. It is essential that our sector’s productivity is not constrained, particularly at a time when Australia has such a large infrastructure programme.

“The Deregulation Taskforce has a real opportunity here to tackle key barriers in infrastructure including procurement issues, which need urgently addressing as shown in our own Innovation in Infrastructure report as well as Infrastructure Australia’s 2019 Audit. The best way to achieve wins in this area is for policymakers and industry to work collaboratively.”

Consult Australia’s members are essential to the delivery of innovative projects in Australia including, residential and commercial builds, significant social and cultural projects, as well as major government infrastructure.

“We support the policy intent to reduce the degree of regulatory complexity, approval times and duplication across levels of government as well as investigate opportunities to adopt technological solutions.

“Importantly, the need for red tape reduction strategies also reinforces the need to design regulation with industry at the outset,” Grayson said.




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