Built and Liverpool City Council to jointly develop $400m Liverpool Civic Council Place


08 October 2019

Built and Liverpool City Council have signed an agreement to jointly develop the $400m Liverpool Civic Place mixed-use precinct.

Designed by fjmt architects, Liverpool Civic Place on Scott Street, will provide new public spaces, community facilities and job opportunities for residents while attracting more commercial investment into the city.

Specifically, the master plan development application lodged last week will include:

Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller hailed the signing as a historic moment that will kick start the southern end of Liverpool, now considered Sydney’s Third CBD.

“We’re getting on with things with Built as a key partner,” Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller said. “This is a stunning complex of buildings that is going to serve the community very well.

“We are the Airport City but we’re also a city with heart and history. I’ve always said we can grow with clever design and Liverpool Civic Place will be one of the jewels in our crown.”


Built Managing Director Brett Mason said Built was proud to partner with Liverpool City Council and play a part in delivering this transformative project.

“This is a great example of private sector partnering with Government to unlock opportunities within existing assets to benefit the community and attract more investment into Liverpool,” Mr Mason said.

Liverpool City Council has committed $195m to deliver the Council assets which will include community facilities in the first stage of the project which Built will construct. Built will cover the commercial costs of the remaining stages of the project. All stages remain subject to further development application approval.

“We have been in open discussion with a number of potential tenants and partners interested in the mixed-use precinct,” Mr Mason said.

“This project offers great potential and flexibility for a number of uses which can take advantage of the unique location and activation of Liverpool Civic Place to cater for the growing commercial and education demands of Liverpool and South West Sydney.”

Mayor Waller said Liverpool Civic Place was part of more than $1 billion worth of major mixed-use developments in the pipeline for the city of Liverpool.

“It’s a great example of Council leading activation of our own CBD using existing assets. Council owns the land Liverpool Civic Place will be built on. Watch this space. We will be doing more great things with Council land in our CBD in future.”

Construction on stage one of Liverpool Civic Place is expected to commence in mid-2020 and is expected to be complete by mid-2022.




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