New rail technology trial to get customers moving


22 August 2019

Thousands of Sydney Trains customers stand to benefit from faster boarding times pending the success of a new technology trial.

Dwell Track, an infra-red and digital imaging system designed to improve customer flow and safety at platforms, was introduced at Wynyard Station today.

The Dwell Track system was developed by Downer and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), supported by the Rail Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (CRC). The trial involves the installation of sixteen infra-red and digital devices at Wynyard Station that ‘sense’ movement, without identifying customers.

“This could be a technological solution to a very human problem. Customers often become creatures of habit and wait at the same spot at train platforms, without realising that by moving down the platform they are more likely to board faster and find a less populated carriage,” said Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance.

“The amount of time a train is stationary at a platform while people alight and board is a major factor in whether customers reach their destination on-time.

“Precise mapping of crowd behaviour and what we call ‘train dwell times’ will help us improve systems to manage customers and make sure they get where they need to go,” Mr Constance said.

“We’re committed to developing innovative solutions that improve the passenger experience,” said Tim Young, Executive General Manager of Downer’s Rollingstock Services.

“DwellTrack not only provides real-time data to aid decision making but will also provide longer-term insights into dwell management and platform operations.”

"This technology is a key example of what collaborative partnerships between industry, university and our customers can achieve, said Mr Young."




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