Arupís Tim Williams appointed to Board of NSW Circular

26 August 2019

Creating less waste and developing a circular economy are the focus of a new leadership group which includes Tim Williams, Arupís Australasian Cities Leader.

Tim has been appointed to the Board of NSW Circular which is supported by the State Government.

He is a respected proponent of healthy and sustainable urban environments shaped by collaborative design to provide quality services and opportunities for lifestyle and work.

ďAs every cityís population grows, so do the problems of consumption and waste: only by working together can we meet the challenges and create benefits for people, the environment and the economy,Ē Tim said.

ďItís time to disrupt attitudes, processes and supply chains, and keep valuable resources in use for as long as possible, rather than making them landfill. Ē

NSW Circular is bringing together industry, the research sector and the broader community to share knowledge, identify opportunities and help develop better ways to use - and reuse - resources and cut waste.

ďThere are already technologies we can scale up and adapt in cities and regions. But we need to look to systems and capabilities - as well as understanding and willingness - to create a viable circular economy and sustainable communities,Ē he said.

NSW Circular is an initiative of the NSW Government through the Office of the Chief Scientist & Engineer to activate collaboration between stakeholders, industry, universities and not for profit groups with the University of NSW Sydney as Host. The Board is chaired by Professor Margaret Harding.

Arup supports the United Nations Sustainability Goals, and is committed to sustainable design and development, balancing the needs of a growing world and the finite resources and health of the planet.




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