Addressing Adelaide City’s future transport needs

15 July 2019

Through the Capital City Committee, the Marshall Government and the City of Adelaide are set to develop a 20-year transport strategy that will inform future transport projects in and around the Adelaide CBD.

A tender to develop a City Access Strategy will be released to develop a public-facing strategy that will inform future developments, operations and governance of transport networks within and immediately surrounding the City of Adelaide area.

The strategy’s objectives are to:

“The Marshall Government is continuing to improve South Australia’s public transport network to provide better and more customer focussed services,” said Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll.

“Obviously almost all of our bus, train and tram services either begin, terminate or pass through the Adelaide CBD.

“That’s why it is so important we develop a long-term transport strategy so the Adelaide CBD is able to better cope with public transport services now and into the future.

“We don’t want to see bottlenecks and more congestion in our CBD into the future.

“The strategy will look at all aspects of transport including how people enter and move around the city, explore all modes of transport including cycling and walking, consider the potential for new emerging technologies in mobility, assess current challenges and strengths, and benchmark the approach of successful cities around the world.

“Understanding the needs and ideas within the community and customers will also be critical in forming the strategy.”

Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor said the outcomes of the City Access Strategy will identify short, medium and long term initiatives, develop a plan for priority initiatives, and determine key actions to create more people-centric streets to support a growing economy.

“This strategy will help deliver safer and more efficient access, address growing congestion and support growth in the City of Adelaide.

“It keeps a firm eye on the future by addressing the emerging use of autonomous and electric vehicles in the years ahead.

“The strategy is also a great example of the State Government and City of Adelaide working together to deliver an outcome that will benefit all city workers, students, residents and visitors.”




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