List of Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers 2019 revealed


15 July 2019

Every year, create profiles 30 Australian engineers who are finding creative and innovative solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. Engineering innovation is once again on display with the release of this year’s Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers list, which features novel bridge constructions, diamond implants, flexible food sensors, ocean clean-up technology and much more.

Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers is an annual program run by create magazine, the publication of Engineers Australia. Now in its fourth year, the Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers listing seeks to recognise engineers and raise the profile of the profession within the wider community by showcasing the important role engineers play in solving some of the world’s biggest challenges.

“Engineering innovation plays a critical role in facilitating a bright future for our communities, our nation and the world,” said Peter Mclntyre, CEO of Engineers Australia.

“The Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers list showcases the creativity and ingenuity of Australian engineers and celebrates their remarkable achievements. The judging panel was overwhelmed by the high calibre of entrants, and we congratulate the winners on their selection.”

Each year, create celebrates 30 of Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers, organised into 10 categories from a cross-section of the profession. Applicants had to explain what their project was, the problem it solved, the benefits it offered, why it was innovative and the role they played individually on the project.

Judge Claude D’Cruz FIEAust CPEng said the annual list shows Australia’s proud history of innovation across numerous different sectors and fields of practice.

“The quality and calibre of entries was outstanding and the type of entries confirmed that we as engineers are striving to innovate in many different areas,” D’Cruz said.

Judge Alex Kingsbury, who has judged the list for the past three years, also congratulated this year’s nominees and remarked that every year the quality of the candidates never ceases to amaze her. “These are engineers who are going above and beyond with their skills and knowledge to achieve impressive feats of engineering,” she said.

This year saw a record number of women nominated to the list, with 25% of the winners being female engineers. This year’s listing also found more engineers are working on projects that involve educating the wider community about what engineers do and the important role they play in society. “I was impressed with so many engineers committed to solving the world’s problems through their creativity and hard work in domains ranging from energy to materials to biotechnology,” said Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers judge Stephanie Moroz CPEng.

“Sharing these achievements will hopefully inspire others to follow up on their own unique ideas to build a healthier and more sustainable future.”

Judge Adam Mitchell, who was previously named to the list in 2017, agreed, saying: “Engineering innovation is what drives the ‘new economy’. If this year’s nominees are anything to go by, the engineering profession in Australia has a bright future.”

The full Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers list can be viewed here:



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