State Government explores future Flinders bus interchange

21 June 2019

The Marshall Government is exploring the best location for a future bus interchange in the Flinders and Tonsley precincts.

A Request for Proposal has been issued to develop a Flinders and Tonsley Transport Planning Study, expected to be completed later this year.

“The Marshall Government is continuing to explore measures to deliver better and more customer focussed public transport services to drive patronage growth,” said Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll.

“We are developing a Flinders and Tonsley Transport Planning Study which will identify the best location for a potential future bus interchange to help integrate our network and improve connectivity from the southern suburbs onto the Tonsley rail line.

“The study will also explore the location of a new bus interchange works with the current bus interchange outside of the Flinders Medical Centre, so we provide better access for customers in the entire area.

“It will also look at both the Flinders and Tonsley precincts, including modelling current and future demand levels, to identify potential further transport infrastructure and service improvements over the 20 years to support the growth of the two precincts.

“We have already taken action to safeguard land for a potential bus interchange at the new end of the Tonsley line at the Flinders education and medical precinct, and this study will determine if this is the best location.

“We have a fantastic opportunity to better integrate our public transport network once the Flinders Link project is complete and the Tonsley line is extended to the Flinders education and medical precincts.”

Flinders University’s President and Vice Chancellor Colin Stirling Says integrated transport will be a key factor in urban growth in the south, and he welcomes the study.

“Flinders University is creating a vibrant urban village centred around the new Flinders rail Station at its Bedford Park campus,” said Vice Chancellor Colin Stirling.

“Flinders Village will be an integrated, mixed use, transport-oriented development featuring student accommodation, research facilities, cafes, shops, entertainment, and community spaces that will be a magnet for students and a lifestyle hub for our neighbouring communities.

“A Flinders bus interchange will further complement the transport opportunities for students, staff, visitors, service providers and local residents and further leverage the state and
Federal government’s investment in the Flinders Link rail extension.

“We thank the government for their vision and investment in public transport to support future growth and success.”




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