Silicon Valley technology start-up disrupting the AEC Katerra to tour Australia

30 May 2019

Silicon Valley, prefab technology start-up Katerra is touring across the Eastern Seaboard of Australia, in an event series designed to demonstrate the full potential in technology and a fully integrated supply chain for leaders in architecture, engineering, construction and government.

Founded in 2015 by a group of real estate and electronics chiefs, Katerra has made a big mark in a short amount of time. Disrupting the construction industry by integrating design, component manufacturing, and site assembly together under its digital platform, and has a large pipeline of work, and current projects in market. The organisation is led by individuals who have led some of the most groundbreaking companies in technology, manufacturing, design, and engineering.

Katerra’s vision is to increase productivity, decrease costs, and increase affordability to the end consumer, currently focused on projects in residential and commercial. Funded by the largest technology venture capitalists in the world, the company is very open about its progress, structure and ability; with a progress timeline, project portfolio and product/technology listing available on their website.

Speaking at a series of events are being held this July in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Katerra will be represented by ex Arup engineer, Dr Forest Flager who holds a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford, a Master of Design from Harvard’s GSD, and a MEng in Structural Engineering from MIT. Forest will provide the audience with intimate insight as to what the company are strategically undertaking.                                                  

Touring Alongside Forest, is internationally acclaimed design technology specialist Randy Deutsch, a highly sought after expert in the field. He will guide the audience through the impact of emerging technology trends such as generative design, automation, AI, and machine learning on professional services in the built environment. Randy assists Executives leading architecture, engineering and construction firms to get from where they are today to thrive in the new rapidly advancing, technologically driven world of design and construction.

This tour is being coordinated by global think tank, the Design Futures Council, Managing Director Alexia Lidas said that the organisation’s goal behind the tour was to provide local insight into how the built environment is being disrupted globally.

“Bringing global experts like Randy and Forest to Australia is a no brainer for us. Our organisation exists to help built environment leaders run better businesses and plan for the future.”

“The rapid transformation taking place in the built environment is heavily driven by the utilization of technology to increase productivity across the value chain, in addition fabrication is a large part of the opportunity ahead. Specialists from outside of the built environment are capitalising on the inefficiencies we have not closed in on and for many dealing with the day to day of running a practice, it's a luxury to take time out of  their day and think strategically, there is a risk in not being aware of the changes afoot.”

We have designed this tour as an eye opener for disruption, but equally opportunity, with pragmatic advice for firms on how to immediately start better using technology.”

Tour Particulars

Transcend: A public lecture series across Australia

●     Sydney - 2 July

●     Melbourne - 4 July

●     Brisbane - 5 July




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