McGowan Government Industry Participation Strategy delivering on local jobs and apprenticeships

01 April 2019

Since the introduction of the McGowan Government's WA Jobs Act in October 2018, about 2,700 local jobs and 134 local apprenticeships have been created across seven government projects.

A further 400 local construction jobs are expected to be created on the future Reid Highway duplication project, another one of the Government's pilot projects.

Premier Mark McGowan and Culture and the Arts Minister David Templeman today visited the New Museum site, to meet some of the locally employed workers and apprentices.

Stage 2 of the New Museum, one of nine of the State Government's Industry Pilot Projects, currently employs 358 WA-based workers and 32 WA-based apprentices.

About 82 per cent of content being used on Stage 2 of the museum build is produced locally in Western Australia, including 1,600 tonnes of fabricated steel, meaning about $131 million worth of contracts have been awarded to local businesses.

The WA Jobs Act sets out the Government's commitment to ensure the $27 billion spent annually on State Government procurement, maximises opportunities for local businesses and creates more jobs for Western Australians.

Under the strategy, prospective suppliers of government contracts are now required to submit participation plans as part of their tender. The participation plans will require prospective suppliers to outline their commitments to engage local industry.

Once a contract has been awarded, the approved participation plan will then be incorporated into the contracts of successful suppliers to ensure they deliver on their commitments to local industry. Successful bidders will also be required to report on the fulfilment of their plans.

The participation plan requirement now applies to all State Government agencies, Government Trading Entities and all forms of procurement.

Eight pilot projects have been established with the tender for the ninth project, METRONET railcars procurement, still to be awarded.

Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:

"My Government's number one priority is to create local jobs and more opportunities for local businesses.

"These figures show our WA Jobs Act is working. Since its introduction in October 2018, almost 2,700 local jobs have been created over seven projects, with a further 400 expected on the future Reid Highway duplication project.

"With 134 local apprenticeship positions created throughout these pilot projects, this shows young people are being given the opportunity to enter the workforce and learn a trade, which will benefit them for years to come.

"We know there is still a long way to go, but this is a positive step forward and demonstrates our Plan for Jobs is working."

Comments attributed to Culture and the Arts Minister David Templeman:

"The New Museum project is focused on using Western Australian content and on employing Western Australian workers.

"When it opens in 2020, it will be a world-class facility that all Western Australians can be proud of."




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