Investing to upgrade Adelaide’s rail network

16 April 2019

The Marshall Government will today release a $44 million tender to maintain and upgrade rail infrastructure across South Australia’s metropolitan rail network.

The proposed works include a variety of essential asset maintenance and new capital works including, level crossing renewals, pedestrian crossing upgrades, train station enhancements, and general track upgrades.

The rail network has over 260 kilometres of rail corridors with over 80 level crossings, 300 plus pedestrian crossings, 118 stations, over 2000 signalling/overhead masts and 300 sets of points and crossings.

The successful tenderer will work collaboratively with the department to develop a scope of works while prioritising the criticality and delivery of upgrades.

“The Marshall Government is investing $44 million to maintain a safe and reliable service for South Australians using our rail network,” said Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll.

“Thousands of South Australians use our rail network to get to and from work and go about their daily lives every day, that’s why its important we continue to invest to maintain and upgrade this vital infrastructure.

“We want to continue to encourage more people to hop on public transport and catch the bus, train or tram to get to where they want to go.

“If we continue to improve our network and encourage more South Australians to use public transport, it will also help to get more cars off the road which will ease traffic congestion.

“These upgrades involve a combination of essential asset maintenance works but also new infrastructure upgrades and renewals.

“We will be upgrading a number of pedestrian crossings to make our rail network safer and more user friendly.

“These works add to current improvements in our rail network that are currently underway such as the Oaklands crossing upgrade and the electrification of the Gawler rail line.”




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