Investa Launches Tenant Online Recycling Game ‘Binder’

05 April 2019

Investa today launched the property industry’s first sustainability waste and recycling engagement tool, Binder, a fun, educational, online game designed to help the +100,000 people working in Investa’s buildings nationally to address the daily challenge of knowing what can and can’t be recycled. With broad usage, it is anticipated that the game will enable tenants to reduce landfill waste and contribute to lowering the carbon footprint of Investa buildings nationally.

Nina James, General Manager, Corporate Sustainability, Investa said: “To achieve our net zero carbon emissions by 2040 Science Based Target and fulfil our obligation to reduce Scope 3 emissions, it’s critical we actively engage with our tenants and provide educational and supportive tools to help them lower the carbon footprint of their workplaces.

Waste reduction is an area that generates a lot of interest and enquiries from our tenants. It’s also an area where individuals can personally make a difference through their own daily recycling practices.

We believe that gamifying the process and making the world of recycling light hearted and fun, will increase engagement and be particularly appealing to the under 35’s, who are used to swiping right or left to get the information they need.

Binder empowers our building occupants to make a difference, while having a fun time doing it,” said Ms James.

The online and mobile game was developed to improve tenancy and building recycling rates and help address the confusion that is often generated from the varied recycling standards across Australia. This confusion leads to contaminated waste streams which results in lower recycling levels and ultimately an increase in waste to landfill.

It is designed in the style of a dating app which encourages users to flick through common office rubbish, swiping right if an item can be recycled and swiping left if it goes to landfill. Users have three chances to help the animated, yellow recycling bin character find ‘true love’ via correct answers, before they luck out of the game. Binder is integrated with Investa’s online Sustainability Tenant Toolkit and its online and in-building tenant engagement program, Insite. While it is primarily designed to help Investa tenants, given confusion around recycling is common, Investa believes the tool could be a fun way to help the broader community to improve their recycling rates and lower their waste to landfill.

Ms James said: “Binder is yet another way we are working to reduce the proportion of waste leaving our buildings that goes to landfill, in conjunction with the ongoing work we are doing with the City of Sydney's Better Building Partnership's Waste Technical Working Group.”

Binder will launch nationally across Investa’s portfolio this week with tenants in each building able to engage with the game in their foyers and via the INSITE tenant portals.





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