Arup report encourages the use of timber to help tackle climate change

11 April 2019

Arup today launches its ‘Rethinking Timber Buildings’ report aimed at accelerating the construction industry’s response to reducing global emissions and achieving net zero carbon buildings by using sustainable materials.

The report highlights the time and efficiency savings that can result from the use of mass timber as a sustainable and safe alternative to more commonly used materials. It states that architects, developers, planners and corporate organisations should consider mass timber when designing low and mid-rise buildings.

The move could form a vital step towards tackling some of the challenges that the construction industry faces when designing and building cities amid rapid levels of urbanisation and human population growth. The report highlights the key considerations in timber construction including:

In dense urban areas such as inner-city locations, the lower levels of disruption from timber construction could provide welcome relief for councils, contractors, local residents and businesses; all of whom are faced with the challenges of increasing building capacity whilst maintaining environments for communities to thrive in.

‘Rethinking Timber Buildings’ report: 




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