Palaszczuk Government helps protect local heritage places in Brisbane

06 March 2019

The Palaszczuk Government will give the Brisbane City Council new powers to issue repair and maintenance notices to protect local heritage-listed places from becoming dilapidated.

Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch has used provisions of the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 to allow the Government to extend these powers to Brisbane City Council.

“We must protect our local heritage places as they connect us to our history, our culture and our shared sense of place,” Minister Enoch said.

“Brisbane City Council will soon have the ability to issue essential repair and maintenance notices on local heritage listed places that are not on the state register.

“There are currently around 1600 places on Brisbane City Council’s heritage register that are not listed on the State heritage register.

“This change will help ensure that Brisbane’s heritage sites are protected and don’t fall into disrepair.”

Minister Enoch said it was important to maintain Brisbane’s local heritage and called on Brisbane City Council to make use of these new powers.

“Now that Brisbane City Council has been given the power to better protect local heritage places, I expect them to use it,” Minister Enoch said.

“We anticipate that the regulation allowing the Brisbane City Council to issue repair and maintenance notices on heritage places will commence in late March 2019.

“Local councils across Queensland can also apply to have the heritage regulation amended so they can preserve and protect their own local heritage places through these greater powers.”


These changes will only apply to sites on the Brisbane City Council heritage register that are not also on the state register (for example, it will not apply to the Broadway Hotel at Woolloongabba)




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