Comprehensive register of engineers is needed in NSW

12 March 2019

A registration scheme for engineers in NSW would be a positive step, but such a scheme would only maximise community safety if it covers all engineers, according to Engineers Australia.

This follows the release of the independent investigation report into damage at the Opal Tower apartment building in the Olympic Park precinct in Sydney.

Engineers Australia Executive General Manager for Strategy and Transformation, Dr Brent Jackson said: “In the interests of greater community safety, Engineers Australia strongly supports the recommendation in the report that a register of engineers is established in partnership with an appropriate professional body.

“Engineers Australia would like to see both the NSW Government and Opposition commit to introducing a comprehensive register of engineers and a timeline for implementation of this important measure.

“Many risks could still exist if a register of engineers was only to apply to residential construction – such a register must apply to all engineers in order to promote increased community safety.

“At present, anyone can call themselves an engineer (except in Queensland), no matter how competent they are and this is not an acceptable situation.”

Engineers Australia has the largest voluntary register for engineers, which is already used in the Queensland Government’s long-standing engineers registration scheme.

“Compulsory registration for all engineers has been in place in Queensland since the 1930s and this has proven to be highly successful,” Dr Jackson said.

“In addition, in a major report commissioned by Ministers and written by Professor Peter Shergold AC and Ms Bronwyn Weir, the first recommendation was that all building practitioners, including engineers, should be registered.

“Engineers Australia recommends that all states and territories introduce comprehensive registration for engineers that mirrors the Queensland registration scheme for engineers.”




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