Cardno teams in Western Australia are leading the way in Virtual Reality

18 March 2019

We are leading the way in creating immersive design experiences for our clients with the use of virtual reality technology capability.

Our design process has the ability to visually present complex architectural and engineering concepts and design intent; opening up a wealth of opportunity to improve the way our design teams collaborate and communicate with our clients.

Our Regional Manager of Western Australia and Northern Territory Marino Evangelisti, alongside Matthew Unwin, Enrique Campos, Robert Pizzino and Geoff Pereira from our Perth office introduced an example of the application of our immersive design approaches, that we co-created with our client Stockland using VR design technique.

We have been working closely with Stockland's General Manager Col Dutton, Regional Manager, Damian Shephard, and Senior Development Managers, Andrew Wallis and Stuart Sinclair of WA.

The new $2.6 million Stockland Sienna Wood 'Explorer Park' containing a series of well-designed and well-integrated activity spaces, which is due to launch mid-year was featured in the presentation. The Stockland team had a great time utilising the VR equipment, applying the headset, goggles and controllers to take a peek at what's to come for this innovative project.

Western Australia's BIM Coordinator, Enrique Campos, said the main focus of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and virtual reality has always been the ease of collaboration in a multidisciplinary environment.

"By introducing VR into our workflows, it allows the team to enhance collaboration with clients, rather than sitting in a boardroom, going through countless drawings to explain the design intent," said Enrique.

"We can now walk clients through our models, giving them a visual and immersive experience," he said.Marino Evangelisti, said virtual reality technology allows for better communication between all design consultants and approval agencies, which then equates to delivering highly efficient designs.

"It gives our clients an understanding of what the team is trying to achieve in the design, which then allows the client to evaluate and make effective decisions," said Marino.

"We are very excited to see where Cardno will take this technology in the future," he said.




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