Bipartisan Commitment to National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy Welcomed

27 March 2019

 Over the past two days, the Federal Government and Federal Opposition have both reaffirmed their commitment to delivering a National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Michael McCormack MP and the Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development, Hon. Anthony Albanese MP have both told ALC Forum 2019 in Melbourne that they recognise the critical importance of the Strategy.

The Deputy Prime Minister said “Good progress is being made in partnership with all levels of government and it will be a key item of discussion at the next COAG Transport and Infrastructure Ministerial Council Meeting.”

Commenting on the Strategy during his address to Forum, Mr. Albanese confirmed “…a future Labor Government would not try and reinvent the wheel yet again.”

This bipartisan approach is a positive sign that the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy remains central to the management of Australia’s future freight task and will be delivered in 2019, irrespective of the result of the upcoming federal election.

It was also encouraging to note the high degree of engagement and collaboration between the Federal Government and their state and territory counterparts on the development of the Strategy. That momentum must be maintained throughout the election cycle.

It is essential that Government and industry continue to work together to deliver a National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy that will ensure a more prosperous Australia.

The industry organisations listed below welcome this renewed commitment by both sides of politics.
We will work across the whole supply chain industry to hold the elected government to a timetable that delivers the Strategy in 2019 - so that all Australian households and businesses can share in the benefits of enhanced supply chain performance.





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