Recognition of solution to road funding crisis welcomed

13 February 2019

The national infrastructure sector welcomes the Senate Select Committee on Electric Vehicles’ recommendation to introduce an EV road user charging policy to address the rapid and terminal decline in road funding, says Infrastructure Partnerships Australia.

“The Senate’s report is a big endorsement for our sensible no regrets EV road user charging policy,” said Infrastructure Partnerships Australia CEO, Adrian Dwyer.

“Senator Storer recognises that the terminal decline of fuel excise due to the rise of more fuel efficient and electric vehicles is putting our primary source of road funding revenue at extreme risk.

“With EVs expected to reach price parity with petrol vehicles much sooner than originally anticipated, we cannot delay implementation of a distance-based charge on EVs.

“Right now, EV owners do not pay at the point of use to drive on Australia’s public roads, while petrol and diesel drivers do.”

“EV’s use roads, so it is only fair that EV owners should pay their way.”

“A distance-based charge is the simplest and most straightforward way to achieve a fairer and more sustainable system.”

“The number of electric cars being sold is more than doubling every year and they will soon be a permanent feature in car dealerships across Australia.

“Without implementing this urgent reform, money to pay for new roads and maintain existing ones will dry up, leaving our communities more congested than ever,” said Mr Dwyer.

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