Long-term pavement performance study finalised

06 February 2019

Austroads has released the final report of the long-term pavement performance (LTPP) study which was established in 1994-95.

This long-running project monitored the structural and functional performance of a range of in-service sealed granular, asphalt and concrete pavements.

LTPP monitoring helps with understanding pavement behaviour under different traffic loading and environmental conditions. Prediction of pavement performance under various conditions is a critical element in managing high-cost pavement assets in terms of the potential cost savings on maintenance and rehabilitation activities.

The primary objectives of the study were to

The study has more than fulfilled its original objectives with outcomes including:

The LTPP data has been is frequently used by researchers and academia inside and outside Australia.

Report link: Long-term Pavement Performance Study: Final Report, https://austroads.com.au/publications/asset-management/ap-t342-19




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