TasWater selects alliance partner to deliver on capital works

31 January 2019

TasWater is pleased to announce it has selected an alliance partner to oversee an extensive capital works program over the next four years.

UGL and CPB Contractors with support from WSP Australia will partner with TasWater to form the Capital Delivery Office.

“Finalising this agreement means we can now get on with the job of delivering on the commitments we made to our customers,” TasWater Chief Executive Officer Mike Brewster said.

“UGL and CPB Contractors bring proven processes and systems and highly specialised expertise and these will all enhance the experience and capability of staff within TasWater and among local businesses.

“We will continue to support the local industry, with capital works contracted to local businesses as a priority. This approach will put TasWater and the local industry in a strong and sustainable position for the future.”

TasWater will invest $140 million in the program in the first year, growing to more than $180 million at the end of four years.

“Our capital works program is ambitious and complex and we went through an in-depth assessment process to determine the best way to achieve the outcomes needed,” Mr Brewster said.

“We look forward to a successful partnership and the benefits it will bring to us, the local industry and our customers.”




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