Planning refresh strikes right balance in our bush capital

20 December 2018

ACT Government: A refresh of the ACT Planning Strategy has delivered a planning vision for the ACT that continues to provide for growth and supports strong communities while retaining the bush capital character we know and love.

The 2018 Planning Strategy builds on the solid foundations of the 2012 strategy, and presents a plan that reflects the changes we continue to face as a city.

With a projected population of half a million by 2030, our commitments to a carbon neutral future, a light rail network and our urban renewal program, are just some of the significant changes the ACT has seen since the strategy was last released in 2012.

We want to protect whatís unique about our city and maintain the natural setting that Canberrans value, but if we keep growing outwards we will significantly eat into the highly valued bush and grassland environments.

The strategy recognises the need to protect these defining elements of our city; our green space, diversity of lifestyle choices and our bushland setting.

To plan for our growth, the strategy highlights that the development of land will focus on the CBD, town centres and dedicated major transport corridors. The strategy is setting directions for the future; for Canberra as an attractive, equitable and competitive city, one that the current and future citizens and visitors enjoy.

The strategy provides the framework for Canberra to continue as a liveable city and provides a balance between urban expansion with further release of greenfield land.

Iím pleased to say that the voice of the community has been a key part of forming this strategy. While it is underpinned by research and evidence, the ideas and actions that emerged during 13 weeks of community engagement helped drive and inform the strategy and its directions.

The community has sent us a strong message that continued sprawl into bushland is not sustainable and that Canberra will have more density within the city, as long as itís delivered with green spaces, trees and an ongoing respect for our natural environment. This strategy sets out how weíll create accessible and diverse spaces that connect people and communities.

This work is an important step in the planning process for our city and provides a foundation for our review of the Territory Plan commencing early next year.

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