Summary of the Three Waters review report

14 November 2018

NZ Government: The Department of Internal Affairs recently commissioned Boffa Miskell and GHD to conduct an assessment of the potential cost for local government to upgrade wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) and associated infrastructure.

These upgrades are crucial to meet the increasing standards under the National Policy Statement (NPS) for Freshwater Management and achieve improved receiving water quality across New Zealand.

The assessment provides information on how cost differs across profiles, such as types of wastewater systems, components within the system (such as reticulated or plant infrastructure), or factors such as network age or condition.

The report also explores how attributes such as E. coli, nitrates, or phosphorous are currently treated by wastewater plants, and what the cost will be if standards or targets increase, or requirements for attributes change over time.

Some of the reportís key findings are:

These findings and potential costs may be startling to some, but the costs of further damage to public health that could come from ignoring these findings could make the situation even worse.

Download the full report on the Department of Internal Affairs website,$file/Costs-of-wastewater-upgrades-GHD-Boffa-Miskel-Final-report-Oct-2018.pdf 




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