Fast and efficient solutions to help councils preserve and maintain critical infrastructure quickly and cost effectively


08 November 2018

Mainmark: Local councils and government departments are responsible for a significant range of assets, from roads, bridges and footpaths, to water, sewerage, and drainage. Ensuring they remain in good working condition to service the public safely, efficiently and without failure is essential. Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure is crucial, not only to ensure operational efficiency and safety, but to also preserve the asset’s longevity well into the future.

According to a recent Infrastructure Australia report: “Interruptions to core services such as electricity or water supply severely impact businesses and households while deteriorating roads and highways can reduce freight productivity and increase vehicle maintenance costs and the risk of accidents.”

While the lifetime costs associated with infrastructure maintenance and renewal projects can be high, Mainmark’s innovative engineered solutions are being increasingly recognised by Australian local councils and government authorities to remediate and preserve a diverse, and often complex, range of projects faster and more cost efficiently.

Demonstrating the diversity of solutions available, it’s important to consider the types of issues that can arise, directly impacting the safety, usability and long-term viability of infrastructure. Examples of how Mainmark’s innovative solutions are addressing government and council infrastructure maintenance include:

Anti-corrosion coatings for water treatment facilities

Ground stabilisation for public buildings and underground infrastructure

Decommissioning redundant pipes

As Australia and New Zealand’s growing cities and population place increasing burden on infrastructure, it is more important than ever to maintain assets for the long term, bearing in mind the decisions and actions we take today will impact the quality of assets available to future generations.




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