Skilling South Australia’s future defence workers

29 October 2018

SA Government: The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) will manage a new Higher Apprenticeships Program under the Skilling South Australia initiative.

The new project will create 100 engineering technician apprenticeships over the next four years.

Minister for Industry and Skills David Pisoni says this project is a prime example of what Skilling South Australia aims to achieve – real jobs outcomes for South Australians and a skilled workforce to match thriving industries.

“Our Skilling South Australia initiative is a $100 million investment to create 20,800 apprenticeships and traineeships over four years, with a further $102.6 million provided by the Australian Government under the Skilling Australians Fund National Partnership Agreement,” he said.

“In response to the call for creative project ideas that drive apprenticeship and traineeship growth, the Ai Group has partnered with the training sector and defence industry to forge a new vocational education and training (VET) pathway into defence manufacturing.

“Their Higher Apprenticeships Program is an innovative combination of VET and higher education, where apprentices develop advanced technical skills through theoretical and on-the-job training before graduating with a Diploma in Applied Technologies.

“A focus on emerging technologies means that existing mechanical engineering trade units are complemented with the study of robotic systems, cloud-based data and computer aided design tools.

“This is a more comprehensive qualification than the standard Certificate III or IV, addressing the need for higher level vocational skills in defence manufacturing and allowing graduates to go on to complete a bachelor’s degree if they desire.

“The Training and Skills Commission has now determined the Diploma in Applied Technologies can be added to the Traineeship and Apprenticeship Pathways Schedule, and the South Australian Government will add the course to the list of subsidised training courses in 2019.

“The Marshall Liberal Government has listened to the needs of industry and is responding to ensure the state is fully equipped for the defence jobs headed our way.

“We hope to see more businesses take charge of their industry’s future workforce by submitting an application for funding under the Skilling South Australia initiative.”

The Skilling South Australia Project Guidelines are available here
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