Restoring Trust: Environment Protection Act for the Northern Territory

22 October 2018

NT Government: The Territory Labor Government is restoring trust by better protecting our environment with the release of the draft Environment Protection Bill and draft Regulations for 8 weeks of public consultation.

This Government promised to base environmental decisions on science and will continue to do this, unlike the previous CLP Government who ignored science and were careless with the management of the Territory’s environment and natural resources.

Stage one of the Environmental Regulatory Reform will deliver a transparent environmental impact assessment framework that ensures those projects that have the potential to impact the environment in the Territory are appropriately assessed. This is about protecting the Territory’s environment for future generations.

The Reform will also address the transformation of the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act into a fully functioning Environment Protection Act, which will include provisions for the environmental regulation of the mining industry.

Territorians will be able to provide input to the draft Bill at

Quotes Attributable to Minister for Environment and Natural Resources, Eva Lawler:

"The Territory’s natural environment is one of our best assets and a huge part of what makes living here so special. Protecting the environment creates jobs - good environmental policy is smart economic policy".

“This is why we need to manage it responsibly to ensure its sustainability for future generations of Territorians".

“These changes are a key election commitment of the Territory Labor Government. The reforms are critical in achieving a robust regulatory system that the community can trust while providing certainty to encourage industry investment and economic growth - while still protecting the environment".




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