A blueprint for building better suburbs

03 October 2018

ACT Government: The ACT Government is pleased to announce the release of the Better Suburbs Statement, which sets out a vision for the future of Canberra’s city services to support the needs of local residents across the territory.

Minister for City Services, Chris Steel, said the community wants a city that is attractive, well maintained and safe, and that the Better Suburbs Statement will act as a blueprint for the development of suburbs that Canberrans are proud of.

“The Better Suburbs Statement gives us a shared vision for city services in the ACT leading up to 2030 including the service priorities for the next four years,” Minister Steel said.

“We know our rapid growth as a city means we need coordinated and efficient city services to achieve as much as possible within existing resources. We also know how important it is to be responsive to community needs and expectations.

“A green and vibrant city in 2030 needs a renewed focus on delivering services for citizens that will enhance their experiences and sense of place.

“The statement identifies three priority areas where services and aspects of our city are most important to our community. These include: lakes, ponds, wetlands, stormwater and water quality; street and park trees; and household waste and recycling.

“What makes this statement so important is that every stage of its development has been informed or driven by the community. This engagement with local people will continue into the future to ensure the best possible outcomes for the community.

“Community engagement started in September 2017 to develop a Better Suburbs Statement. In the first stage of engagement we received 1,242 individual survey responses. This was followed by Kitchen Table discussions and a Citizens Forum.

“The Better Suburbs Statement itself was written by the 54 participants of our Citizens Forum.

“The Better Suburbs Statement represents the first time Transport Canberra and City Services has used a deliberative democracy process to consult with the community. Deliberative democracy opens up a way of communicating between Government and the community that is more meaningful than standard consultation practices.

“The Better Suburbs Statement isn’t just as map of priorities for how we deliver our City Services. It is a vision for making the most of the interconnected and integrated networks that can help bring our suburbs to life, and we will continue to partner with the community to implement the recommendations in this statement.”

The statement is now available online at www.yoursay.act.gov.au




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