KBR supports TasWater to deliver safe drinking water


Image: TasWater's water treatment plant at Bronte Park, Tasmania's existing service reservoir site provides quality, treated drinking water to residents.

26 September 2018

KBR:  Over the past decade, KBR has been involved with the delivery of over AU$6 billion of water infrastructure in Australia. In Tasmania, Australia, KBR has been supporting the water and sewage utility, TasWater, to deliver on its commitment to remove all public health alerts by the end of August 2018.

KBR has been a strategic partner acting in the role of owners representative by managing, overseeing and supporting TasWater in the implementation of its '24glasses' Regional Towns Water Supply Program. KBR has assisted TasWater to deliver safe drinking water to 17 Tasmanian townships as part of the overall program. The successful delivery of its commitment means these TasWater's customers can now enjoy a glass of water that is safe to drink, straight from the tap.

Wayne Nolan, KBR Vice President, Infrastructure Services is proud of the work KBR and TasWater have done over the last 12 months. "This project has truly been a team effort from all involved and one that will have a significant impact on the Tasmanian community. These are the type of projects KBR want to be involved in and of course delivering. We are committed to building long-term relationships in Tasmania, and look forward to continuing to deliver on future projects."

Co-located in
 , the KBR project team became fully integrated into TasWater and focused on managing individual work packages to deliver the overall program and maximise benefits delivered to the communities. KBR provided coordination of design and construction schedules and commercial expertise in contract management, supplier management, procurement and engineering reviews. This integrated team was able to leverage the skills of both TasWater and KBR to improve program management and delivery for the Tasmanian communities.

Rob McKaige, KBR Program Director, Infrastructure Services, who has been overseeing and supporting the project said, "The team has worked incredibly hard to achieve this goal. This initiative ensures that these TasWater regional customers and consumers will now have access to water that meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, like customers in the other locations in Australia enjoy. Having good quality infrastructure in local communities is essential and we believe this program will have on going positive impacts on Tasmanian water customers."

At KBR, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do and we work with our clients to provide a flexible yet disciplined approach to delivering vital water infrastructure projects that make a lasting contribution to the community.

Key personnel from KBR, TasWater and the contractors: (L/R) Francois Gouws, Trility; Allen Blenkle, Trility; Hai Bang Phan, Water Industry Solutions; Justin Burdon, Water Industry Solutions; Natasha Brown, Zinfra; Miles Hampton, TasWater Chairman; Michael Brewster, TasWater CEO; Tim Gardner, Stornoway; Rob McKaige, KBR; and David Downie, Chief TasWater Owners Representative.




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