NSW and Victoria lead national infrastructure league table

10 September 2018

IPA: For the second year running NSW is leading the nation in infrastructure investment, with Victoria moving to second place and WA coming in last according to the Australian Infrastructure Budget Monitor, released today by industry think tank Infrastructure Partnerships Australia.

“NSW and Victoria have done the hard yards on reform to free up money for infrastructure investment, and it’s put them well ahead of the pack in the national infrastructure league table,” said Infrastructure Partnerships Australia, Chief Executive Adrian Dwyer.

Asset recycling, backed by Commonwealth incentives, has driven the infrastructure construction boom in Victoria and NSW. These reforms are never easy, but they are now more urgent than ever given the welcome challenge of continued population growth,” Mr Dwyer said.

The Australian Infrastructure Budget Monitor shows that over $128 billion dollars is being invested in infrastructure on the east coast alone, reaffirming the importance of Victoria, NSW and Queensland in the nation’s growth story.

“Our population is growing and that puts more pressure on healthcare, education and transport networks right across the country.

“That is why every state and territory needs to keep the pedal pressed on infrastructure funding to meet the demands of population and economic growth.

“This will ensure the roads are less congested and that healthcare and education services are available when and where they are needed.

“The NSW and Victorian playbook on asset recycling should be compulsory reading for every Treasurer because the results are so compelling, and the opportunities too big to ignore,” Mr Dwyer said.

The Australian Infrastructure Budget Monitor confirms that Western Australia finished last on the league table with just 6.16 per cent on its Budget dedicated to infrastructure funding – over 50 per cent lower than decade-average funding levels in the State.

“It’s a pretty unflattering contrast for WA. With major asset recycling off the table, infrastructure investment levels are now half the State’s own decade average.

“It is now untenable for WA to deny the benefits of asset recycling for infrastructure renewal,” Mr Dwyer said.

The Australian Infrastructure Budget Monitor shows Queensland in third place, the Northern Territory in fourth, followed by the Australian Capital Territory in fifth, South Australia in sixth, and Tasmania in seventh.

The 2018 Australian Infrastructure Budget Monitor is available to download here, http://infrastructure.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Australian-Infrastructure-Budget-Monitor-2018-19.pdf

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