Introducing Green Star FAQs

14 September 2018

GBCA: One of the perks of being part of the Green Star Solutions team is working closely with the incredible people who are driving sustainable buildings through the Green Star certification process.

We get to walk the journey with you from registering your project, ticking off credits and requirements, until finally we can share in your joy when you become Green Star certified.

But we also understand that this journey presents a host of challenges when it comes to navigating how you can gain credits and meet the requirements set by the rating system.

That’s why we’ve launched Green Star FAQs – a free platform that will provides in-depth information on some of the most common and crucial questions you’ll have throughout the certification process.
They will also provide additional technical assistance when working through the Submission Guidelines.

FAQs apply to Green Star – Communities, Green Star – Design & As Built, Green Star – Interiors, and Green Star – Performance rating tools.

Best of all, they are completely free to use!

Project teams have the option of including FAQs in their submission should the outcome support their project.

However, unlike our rulings in the past, FAQ content is not mandatory and you are not obliged to refer to them when preparing your submission.

When applying FAQs on projects, project teams need to refer to the FAQ code in the Submission Template, as well as in submission supporting documents.

Green Start FAQ's:




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