Secure Local Jobs Package to deliver the highest ethical and labour standards on ACT Government work

15 August 2018

ACT Government: Today the ACT Government introduced the Government Procurement (Secure Local Jobs) Amendment Bill 2018. The Bill and associated measures deliver on the Government’s election commitment to introduce a Secure Local Jobs Package to ensure Canberra’s workers are treated fairly.

The Bill sets out the ACT Government’s expectations that businesses tendering for ACT Government funded work meet the highest ethical and labour standards. Canberrans believe in fairness and this suite of measures will ensure that public money goes only to businesses that do the right thing by their workers.

The Secure Local Jobs Package not only supports and protects workers in companies that undertake ACT Government work, it rewards businesses that meet their industrial and employment obligations.

The Bill will help to ensure there is a level playing field for those seeking ACT Government work and simplify the process businesses must undertake in order to secure ACT Government contracts.

Too often over recent years we have seen evidence both locally and nationally of employers entering into sham contracting arrangements, exploiting visa workers, and avoiding their industrial, workers’ compensation and taxation obligations. We want to ensure that these dodgy operators cannot undercut ethical local businesses in vying for ACT Government work.

In crafting this nation-leading package of reforms, the Government has been mindful of the limits of our authority as a Territory. The ACT Government cannot change industrial relations rules. We cannot restore penalty rates or abolish the anti-union Australian Building and Construction Commission – it will take a Federal Labor Government to do that.

But the Secure Local Jobs Package is one way the ACT Labor Government can stand up for Canberra’s workers. By using the ACT Government’s purchasing power we can demonstrate the standards we expect to see across the economy.

This Bill will legislate:

A consultation draft of the Secure Local Jobs Code has also been released for public comment and will be available via

The ACT Government encourages workers, unions, industry and the wider community to have their say on the Secure Local Jobs Package to ensure we get the very best outcomes for Canberra’s workers and for businesses who do the right thing.

Consultation will take place over the next six weeks.




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