The completion of Adelaide’s finest Cancer Research Centre is the final piece of the puzzle for Australia’s world class Biomed City

02 July 2018

Hansen Yuncken: University of South Australia will soon place Adelaide on the map as Australia’s largest Biomed City comes to life. Located adjacent to Adelaide University’s Health and Medical Sciences Building, the South Australian Health Medical Research Institute and the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, the BioMed City combines research, education, clinical care and business development into the largest life science cluster in the southern hemisphere.

Opening its doors to the public in May 2018, the $250m Cancer Research Institute houses the Centre for Cancer Biology which brings up to 250 of Australia’s top cancer and health researchers to
SA in addition to other innovative, multidisciplinary research laboratories including the University’s School of Pharmacy. The Museum of Discovery will be a scientific playground that will transform the public’s perception of science, technology and innovation by offering immersive experiences within dynamic, changing exhibition programmes.

Designed by Swanbury Penglase and BVN, this iconic building showcases an array of design features unique to the education sector. Contemporary architectural features include timber ceilings, barestone cladding, exposed aggregated flooring as well as antique brass door frames, thresholds and door finishes. Taking centre stage are seven floating interior staircases that offer an aesthetic feature in each of the building's atriums.

With complex services and functional design integration similar to a major healthcare facility, advanced construction and planning techniques drove the project from concept to completion. A collaborative “HUB” brought stakeholders into one common work space, creating a cohesive and transparent work environment where conversations were had and decisions made.

Delivered on time, on budget and safely, the completion of the Cancer Research Institute cements a long-standing relationship with the University of South Australia and is certainly another project to be proud of.

The journey of the UniSA Project has been captured through time-lapse, visit our Youtube channel to see more,




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