The permanency of Hydrogel treatment


05 June 2018

Markham Global: Hydrogel treatments for newly poured concrete have both immediate and long-term benefits

For new concrete, on any construction project, Markham recommends the use of Aquron hydrogel treatments. These significantly improve hydration, reducing shrinkage, resulting in a higher quality finish and maximised service life.

You can read more about these benefits here and here.

But how long does the treatment last?

This question often comes up, and here’s why:

Many conventional sealers and coatings commonly available need to be re-coated, at intervals from 18 months to 5 years. In practice this is rarely carried out. Consider re-coating a warehouse floor, for example: it’s highly disruptive, with costly downtime and stock movement. Or think about a hygiene sealer under carpet in aged care: it’s only practical to re-coat the floor in conjunction with replacement of the carpet.

Fact is, conventional coatings deteriorate with time, lose their effectiveness, and should be re-coated regularly.

Aquron treatments are permanent!

Aquron penetrating hydrogel permanently defends the concrete from environmental challenges, and enhances its natural durability. The hydrogel treatment helps maintain prime quality for longer, controlling water and moisture which contribute to the concrete’s aging process. There is nothing on the surface to degrade or wear. The treatment goes deep, about 150mm, and will not be affected by traffic over time.


Permanency is a key benefit

Permanency is a key benefit, for exposed concrete and harsh environments. Hydrogel treatment can help defend the concrete from environmental challenges, and enhance its natural resilience, for long service life.

Permanency is also a key benefit for construction slabs, where a re-coating program would be inconvenient, disruptive and costly.

Aquron penetrating hydrogel – seriously cost-effective over time

Think about the implications of the cost over time. A single treatment when the concrete is new, will remove the need for upkeep of a coating system over time.

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