Armadale Courthouse and Police Complex to be centre of new district

15 May 2018

WA Government: Design of the Armadale Courthouse and Police Complex is set to get underway within weeks, following completion of the design and accommodation brief.

The 2018-19 State Budget will confirm that $78.8 million for the project will be delivered to the WA Police Force and Department of Justice.

The funds will allow the WA Police Force to begin engaging key consultants and contractors to undertake essential design and building works.

The new facility will accommodate police under one roof with the Courthouse, co-located on the same site within the Armadale central business district.

This will mean significant improvements and efficiencies for both the WA Police Force and the Department of Justice, and will provide improved custodial and operational support facilities.

For the first time, Armadale becomes a policing district in its own right under the new WA Police Force operational structure.

This reflects the needs of the growing population in the south-eastern corridor, along with a growing demand for police response and justice services.

The existing Armadale Courthouse and Police Station are on separate sites, the buildings are 30 years old, and a shortage of space has meant premises have had to be leased to accommodate recent staffing increases.

Practical completion of the project is scheduled for October 2021.

Comments attributed to Police Minister Michelle Roberts:

"We moved swiftly to give the people of Armadale a 24/7 police station, now we are delivering a modern facility which will ensure our police have the support and resources to make the community safer.

"The new Armadale Courthouse and Police Complex will be at the centre of the new Armadale Policing District.

"It will cater for future population growth and provide staff with better facilities to co-ordinate local police response.

"It is all part of the McGowan Government's commitment to deliver a police service which puts the community first and makes WA a safe place to live."

Comments attributed to Attorney General John Quigley:

"People go to a courthouse for a variety of reasons, not just to face criminal charges, but as a victim of crime, a witness, or to do important paperwork like registering a birth, death or marriage.

"Co-locating the police station with the court facilities will create a safer, efficient and more secure environment - not only for people in custody, but also the wider community."




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