From sweeping platforms at train stations to seeing dubai metro come to life - steve butcher is now running john hollandís rail business group


15 May 2018

John Holland: Steve Butcher joined John Holland a month ago, after a 35-year career in rail that all started with a stint sweeping stations as a cleaner in the Midlands in the UK. He went on to be the chief operating officer of Northern Rail in the UK, was involved in starting the Dubai Metro, and ran rail operations at Serco.

What started your career in rail?

I came from a railway family so I was always really passionate about rail. When I left school I worked on the railway in the Midlands in the UK. I was too young to join the train crew so I started as a cleaner, sweeping platforms.

What motivates you about working in rail?

Our job changes peoples lives. It is all about providing people services that makes it easy to live their life. It makes a difference to whether people can go see their kids, their grandkids, their aunts or uncles. Not many people get to say they played a part in that, and it is a privilege to do that. I am passionate about public transport and I want people to make public transport their first choice when getting around.

What would you like to achieve at John Holland?

First and foremost, to continue this safe, effective business where people feel as if they are valued and have the right to be open. To leverage more of the great stuff we do, both in our business and with our partners, to shout that from the rooftops a bit more. Here in Australia and internationally, we have a lot to offer. The main goal is also to grow and expand so we can offer new services and new opportunities here and internationally.




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