Next steps for light rail stage two from Civic to Woden

01 May 2018

ACT Government: Planning and design for stage two of Canberra’s light rail network is well underway with the City to Woden route that travels through Parkes and Barton now the ACT Government’s preferred route.

Late last year the ACT Government refined the two route options for stage two, with one route going from Civic to Woden via Parliament House and the other going to Woden via Parkes and Barton.

Minister for Transport and City Services Meegan Fitzharris said the government is currently working through the Commonwealth’s approval processes for the project to provide more detail.

Light rail stage two has been going through a rigorous planning process that involves negotiation with the National Capital Authority (NCA) and Federal Parliament due to the heritage and national importance of the Parliamentary Triangle. It is important that Government works closely with the National Capital Authority to ensure the project compliments the wider Parliamentary Triangle.

“What’s clear is that the ACT Government is committed to building a light rail network for Canberra and extending light rail to Woden. We will continue to work with relevant stakeholders on the details of the route through the Parliamentary Triangle.

“It’s not appropriate for the ACT Government to finalise the business case for the project until the Commonwealth’s requirements are further worked through. This includes important Commonwealth Parliamentary and Government requirements. At all levels of ACT Government we will continue to engage closely with Parliamentary representatives and Government officials. We’re hopeful we can continue to progress these negotiations in good time so that we can get on with delivering a world-class public transport network for Canberra.

“With a majority of people in the ACT supporting stage two from Civic to Woden, I’m confident that this is what our community wants to see. This route provides the best access through the Parliamentary zone to employment hubs, cultural institutions and other places of interest such as Manuka Oval.

“There is no question that the City to Woden stage will be the most difficult section of a city-wide network to design and build.

“Due to the location of the route, it’s heritage and national significance, it is also necessary for Commonwealth approvals to be obtained, including Commonwealth Parliamentary approval, and that is our focus right now,” said Minister Fitzharris.

Since the 2016 election, the ACT Government has allocated budget funding, sought community feedback, undertaken stakeholder engagement and progressed expert technical analysis on the two route options between Civic and the Woden Town Centre.

“I look forward to providing a further update in coming months. In the meantime the ACT Government will continue to progress technical and work on the project.”




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