Introducing Transportation Engineering


06 April 2018

WGE: Wood & Grieve Engineers (WGE) prides itself for being a one-stop shop for clients, which is why we recently welcomed James Brownlie as Section Manager of our new Transportation Engineering team.

Transportation Engineering services increase and improve the understanding of development impacts of existing and proposed road networks, particularly how those networks are safely engaging with the community.

Based out of our Melbourne office, James brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to WGE. His team will oversee the functional design, operation and management of transportation facilities, and look at ways for delivering high performance and exceptional service to the wider community.

Melbourne Office Manager Grant Holman says James’ arrival is not only advantageous for the VIC team, but also puts WGE in a strong and unique position in the Australian infrastructure market.

“Transportation Engineering is a welcome new addition to our client Infrastructure offerings, and James is a terrific asset in helping drive its arrival. He brings a lot of technical knowledge and skills, as well as fresh, innovative thinking,” he said.

“It’s an exciting time for WGE by adding more value and options we can offer our clients, and we’re thrilled to welcome James on board to help drive that.”

However, you can hear from the man himself on what Transportation Engineering means in the video below. James explains a bit more about what he and his team are doing, and how it benefits our clients.





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