Beca working with Transpower to deliver asset lifecycle benefits through BIM


05 April 2018

Beca: We’re excited to announce that Beca has been selected to partner with Transpower New Zealand to deliver Building Information Management (BIM) consultancy services.

Transpower owns and operates the National Grid – the high voltage transmission network connecting areas of generation with towns and cities across New Zealand. They have total assets worth in excess of $5b, employ around 600 people and contract significant volumes of work from both service providers and consultants.

Transpower is looking to explore the use of BIM to deliver significant benefits across their assets’ lifecycle. Through small efficiency gains across the asset lifecycle and improved information flow between stakeholders, BIM will help Transpower to deliver cost effective, safe and reliable power to New Zealand.

Our project team, comprising of John Fallow, Brett Naylor and Glenn Jowett, will be collaborating with Transpower to develop a robust strategy enabling a range of benefits, from improved sharing of information between stakeholders to enable better decision making, to eliminating risks earlier in the project life cycle, providing access to reliable asset management data, and ultimately delivering a lower cost of ownership.

John Fallow, Principal and Delivery Lead for Power, is looking forward to working with Transpower to help streamline their processes and make everyday better for their staff and clients. “Together, we will develop a strategy, trial, and ultimately implement BIM as a platform to integrate end to end asset management, helping realise significant benefits across their asset lifecycle.”

“Our knowledge of related international standards (BS1192 and PAS1192), previous local and international experience, and best practice guidance, will enable us to provide a people centred approach to our designs and solutions for Transpower,” said John.

Beca has a long history working with power sector clients and has delivered a range of projects using a BIM centric approach, delivering the following benefits:

Improvements in construction planning and/or staging through linking construction programmes to design models. The ability to create and update asset data for use through the operational phase of assets. A ‘Single Source of Truth’ approach to managing asset data throughout the project life cycle. Sharing of a consolidated, data rich design models to facilitate improvements in stakeholder coordination. Improved safety through confirmation of electrical clearance through intelligent checking tools. Increased Bill of Material accuracy throughout the design phase and the ability to better estimate project material cost. The use of VR and AR technology to better support a ‘rapid prototyping’ design approach, improve engagement with stakeholders, and support better construction activities.

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