City of Perth council suspended, inquiry panel to determine fate

09 March 2018

WA Government: Local Government Minister David Templeman has today announced the suspension of the City of Perth council and his intention to establish an inquiry panel to investigate the City's governance issues.

The Minister's action comes into effect today following the gazettal of a Governor's Order, and as a result of ongoing and serious concerns of failure by the elected council to ensure that the local government performs its functions properly.

The suspension order, outlined under section 8.19 of the Local Government Act 1995, will see three commissioners fulfil the role of the suspended council and ensure continuity of service to ratepayers while the inquiry is underway.

Eric Lumsden, retiring chairperson of the Western Australian Planning Commission; Gaye McMath, former executive director of Perth Education City; and Andrew Hammond, retiring chief executive officer of the City of Rockingham, have been appointed to the positions.

The inquiry panel will have the powers of a Royal Commission and the authority to make recommendations as to whether the council should be dismissed or reinstated.

Following the inquiry, which could take a number of months, a report will be prepared for the Minister to decide what action the State Government will take.

Comments attributed to Local Government Minister David Templeman:

"The situation at the City of Perth has become untenable and I have formed a view that if I do not intervene, I am failing in my responsibilities as Minister and not fulfilling my obligations under the Local Government Act.

"As Minister for Local Government, it is my aim to support and champion the sector, however, I am also responsible for ensuring that it operates efficiently and effectively.

"The community has an expectation that the City of Perth, as our premier local government in the State, is leading by example and putting their ratepayers first.

"The ongoing and serious governance issues at the City have ultimately led to the recent events and are tarnishing the sector's reputation.

"I am seeking to restore confidence in the people of Perth of the City's ability to provide good governance for its community, and this move is a further step towards achieving this."




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