Adding the third dimension to concrete walls


28 March 2018

Markham Global: Acres of vertical concrete can be seen in the commercial, industrial and retail buildings in any city. And driving along the road you’ll doubtless see the repetitive texture of flat concrete, used for retaining walls on cuttings and embankments.

One problem … after a while concrete all starts to look a bit the same, making for dull streetscapes all round.

The concrete jungle …

To be fair, you can colour concrete, which helps sometimes. But have you thought of adding the third dimension?

NOE Formliners are an excellent way to change the finished appearance of concrete walls.


NOE Formliners can offer several options:


NOE Formliners are economical, requiring no structural changes. Remember, you don’t usually need to buy formliners for the whole project — only enough for the largest casting. This can make them extremely cost effective over the course of your project. NOE Formliners can also be cut to size to suit odd or small shapes. They save on labour – when compared with manually created textures such as using timber or rope. And about timber – form liners save forests too!

There are also NOE Formliners designed to be used on horizontal surfaces, for anti-slip traction or for decoration.



Yes, NOE Formliners can be used in conjunction with concrete colouring methods.

And yes, custom designs – logos and images – are available.

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