JOG Computer Controlled Grouting re-levels large commercial buildings in just five weeks


12 March 2018

Mainmark: Ground engineering and asset preservation specialist Mainmark has successfully re-levelled two large commercial buildings in under five weeks using JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting, a non-invasive, highly precise system of grout injection. The two buildings, part of a complex in Melbourne, were remediated in a matter of weeks which is remarkable given the complexity of the project.
JOG Computer Controlled Grouting is a highly advanced and proven technology. Originally developed in Japan, where it is known as JOG Integrated Computer Grouting, Maimark has used the solution extensively in New Zealand to successfully re-level large earthquake-affected structures including commercial buildings, civil infrastructure assets, industrial sites and residential homes quickly and cost effectively.

Remediating large structures with weak or unstable foundation ground can be a slow, complex and cost prohibitive process. However, JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting is a very fluid yet fast setting cementitious grout that is quick to apply. No excavation is required, allowing the existing floor slab to remain in place with minimal disruption to the building’s occupants and owners.

JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting is customised for the conditions presented on site and is ideal for sandy, silty soils or where heavy slab lifting is required. The process is carried out as one continuous operation, where grout is automatically circulated through narrow injection points, typically 25mm-40mm in diameter. The injections are controlled using a central computer that can monitor up to 128 points at any one time, allowing the structure to be raised evenly, gradually ‘floating’ it back to level without causing further stress to the structure. image

According to Russell Deller, Mainmark Group Manager, JOG, “We are very excited to see JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting being used successfully in the Australian market. It’s a proven solution that can lift very large, tall and heavy buildings with pinpoint accuracy without impacting adjacent structures. In New Zealand, earthquake correction works use the most innovative solutions to remediate buildings and JOG Computer Controlled Grouting that integral to the relevelling of the Christchurch Art Gallery project for which Mainmark won the International Ground Engineering Project of the Year award in 2016.”

In Australia, JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting continues to gain momentum and recognition from within the engineering industry. The commercial buildings in Melbourne are part of a complex that was suffering from serious subsidence. Both buildings had become unstable and the floors were unlevel with the ground floor in one building so badly affected it began moving independently from the rest of the building causing several ground floor windows to shatter due to compression between the floors.

Mainmark was able to remediate the buildings using a combination of JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting and Teretek® resin injection. This complex project required a bespoke approach with the injections points being made using specialised drills to penetrate up to 2.7m beneath the foundations. As injections this deep are rare, extra-long drill bits needed to be custom made. Mainmark technicians successfully completed the entire project in less than five weeks without causing any disruption to the building’s tenants.

Other projects where JOG Computer Controlled Grouting has been used successfully include an aged care complex in Western Australia, in which the facility had considered demolishing the affected building. It has also been used to remediate a number of two storey residential homes where conventional soil stabilisation and re-levelling methods would have been cost prohibitive.

Mainmark draws on decades of industry-leading engineering experience and close collaboration with independent, expert consultants to interpret geotechnical information and complete risk assessments specific to a site’s ground conditions. Using these insights, an engineered solution is developed to meet the specific site requirements.



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