The promise of Golder


09 February 2018

At Golder, we recognize the world is constantly changing and presents us with new challenges every day. As our clients build their businesses and strive for success, they are faced with transformative influences that include radical advancements in technology, disruptions in traditional markets, and shifts in generational thinking that impact their workforce and their customers. In the political environments around us, policy changes create uncertainty around project development, regulations, permitting, and approvals. Not everything in this story is new, but the pace of change feels faster than ever, and knowing where to turn for counsel and assistance can make all the difference.

As a specialized global firm, Golder is evolving and transforming to meet these challenges. Since our founding in 1960, Golder has grown to a force of over 6,500 professionals operating across all seven continents, while remaining true to the original principles of our heritage. Even with the vast global territory we cover, our company is consistent with its commitment to deliver quality work and be differentiated in our chosen markets.

Today, we apply our peoples’ collective expertise to a broad range of sectors, including mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, power and infrastructure, always working to establish and deliver on a shared vision of success with our clients. We approach our work with a dedication to excellence, and by working through the problems of today with our clients, we expect to create a legacy of value.

“At our core, we are a company that thrives on challenges. Our people are at their best when faced with complex problems. We all share a common passion for technical excellence and innovation which is at the core of our culture,” says Golder’s Global President & CEO, Dr. Hisham Mahmoud.

Recognizing and adapting to meet new challenges spurred us to consider how people know and experience Golder today. As an employee-owned and client-centric company, we sought insights from our people and our clients, as well as our many industry partners on how they would describe working at, or with Golder. Now, it’s time to share the results of this collaboration and refresh our story.

“The time was right for Golder to share our story more broadly with the world,” says Mahmoud. “We have enjoyed a long and successful journey, responding to incredible challenges with a powerful resilient spirit, driven by our employee owners and their commitment to our company.” In the past few years, we have aligned on an amazing destination for our company and developed a strategy to drive us to it. We are two years into this effort and we are very proud of the ground that we have covered and our strong results.”

Golder is working on some of the world’s most challenging projects. From deep mine shafts in Africa, to tall building foundations in Australia, from an airport in Hong Kong to pipelines in Canada, from tailings management in Chile to waste management in the U.S., from transportation tunnels in the UK to groundwater remediation in Italy, Golder professionals are delivering real value to our clients and communities.

Golder is one of the largest employee-owned companies in our industry. “As an employee-owned company, our people are truly invested in, committed to, and are the primary beneficiaries of Golder’s success. This commitment sets us apart in every aspect of what we do,” says Mahmoud. “Our clients know they are working with people who own the business and the outcome.”

Golder’s refreshed brand is so much more than a new logo. It is a milestone marker in our company’s history, a momentum builder for the future, and a representation of the promise of Golder.

“A promise is both a commitment and a statement of potential,” adds Mahmoud. “We are committed to creating rewarding careers for our people in a fun and dynamic work environment where they can cultivate relationships for years to come. For our clients, we deliver a level of excellence and expertise that is innovative, industry-leading, and always focused on a shared vision of success. Because…that is the promise of Golder.”




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