SA rail upgrade project means local jobs

09 January 2018

ARTC: John Holland has been named as the successful company to deliver the major rail installation and upgrade works as part of the $252 million, Australian Government-funded, Adelaide-Tarcoola Rail Upgrade Acceleration Project.

The upgrade project will replace older 47kg per metre rail with stronger steel, weighing 60kg per metre, allowing more productive freight trains with greater payloads to transit the nation.

ARTC CEO and Managing Director John Fullerton said with the contract now awarded the important project would soon move into the crucial stage to lay the new, heavier rail onto the existing sleepers.

“It is great to see this important project progressing, which has secured additional volumes at the Whyalla steel mill, created local jobs, and will boost rail freight performance between the East and the West of our nation,” Mr Fullerton said.

The multi-million dollar contract means up to 130 new jobs for the region.

“John Holland is delighted by the awarding of the Adelaide – Tarcoola Rail Upgrade contract,” John Holland’s Executive General Manager – Rail, Gary Seabury said.

“We look forward to working collaboratively with the ARTC to upgrade this key section of the Trans Australian railway, and being part of a project that will stimulate significant local and national economic growth.”

The rail installation is expected to start in March 2018 after pre-construction and other preparatory and site investigation activities are completed.

Several dozen locals have already gained full-time employment at ARTC’s Port Augusta flashbutt depot where they are hard at work welding the rail lengths together, and the Liberty OneSteel mill in Whyalla has been tasked with supplying the thousands of tonnes of rail required for the project.

Local businesses such as accommodation providers, petrol stations, local supermarkets and other Mum and Dad companies are also set to enjoy the flow on benefits of the project.




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