State Labor Government investigates extension of O-Bahn to Golden Grove

11 December 2017

The State Labor Government will conduct a feasibility study into the extension of the O-Bahn bus network from Tea Tree Plaza to Golden Grove.

$500,000 will be allocated towards detailed planning work to identify options to increase the catchment area of the O-Bahn network to Golden Grove and surrounding suburbs.

The study will assess potential routes, engineering requirements and likely demand for the proposed extension, as well as undertake detailed economic and financial modelling.

It will consider options including a dedicated corridor similar to the existing track between Tea Tree Plaza and Gilberton, as well as improvements to the road network to give buses uninterrupted journeys from Golden Grove Village and Tea Tree Plaza interchanges.

It will investigate how to deliver better public transport services for suburbs such as Golden Grove, Wynn Vale, Redwood Park, Surrey Downs, Modbury Heights and Ridgehaven.

It will also look to identify locations for potential Park’n’Rides along the route to make it easy for commuters in surrounding suburbs to access the service.

The feasibility study will begin immediately and is expected to take approximately 8 months to complete.

It coincides with testing of the $160 million O-Bahn City Access Project - a dedicated tunnel linking priority bus lanes on Hackney Road and Grenfell Street due to open in just over two weeks.

The tunnel will improve travel times and reliability for Adelaide’s busiest public transport network, which is used by more than 31,000 people each weekday.


The O-Bahn is a key part of Adelaide’s growing and evolving public transport network.

O-Bahn bus services are the most popular public transport services in Adelaide carrying almost twice as many passengers on average each day than Adelaide Metro’s most popular rail services.

Just as it can take more than 20 minutes to travel from Grenfell Street to Hackney Road,
O-Bahn services travelling through Golden Grove can often be delayed during peak hours.

This project has a potential to remove those delays, saving valuable time particularly for commuters travelling home in morning and afternoon peaks.

The feasibility study will include community consultation to allow people a chance to have their say.

To receive updates, people are encouraged to register at or to provide feedback email the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure’s study team at
Quotes attributable to Transport and Infrastructure Minister Stephen Mullighan

The State Labor Government is improving public transport now and planning for the future, to get people from our north-eastern suburbs to the places they want to go, quickly and reliably.

We will get started on this initial study right away to determine what the right solution is for the possible extension of the O-Bahn network.

We share the community’s enthusiasm for moving this project forward and this feasibility study will determine the project’s viability.

Local candidates Julie Duncan and Blair Boyer have been strong advocates for this project pushing this issue with the State Labor Government.

This has the potential to better connect and improve reliability for people travelling between Golden Grove and the CBD.

Quotes attributable to Labor Candidate for King Julie Duncan

This is a great first step. The community has been asking for this for many years and it is fantastic to see the State Labor Government responding to community concerns.

The commitment to move forward with full feasibility study shows the State Labor Government is serious about making this project a reality.

Quotes attributable to Labor Candidate for Wright Blair Boyer

As a regular user of the O-Bahn, this has the potential to be another great project for Adelaide’s most popular transport route.

We are already delivering faster, more reliable services through the $160 million O-Bahn City Access Project.

Extending the O-Bahn to Golden Grove would also deliver more reliable and quicker bus services for suburbs like Wynn Vale, Modbury Heights, Surrey Downs and Redwood Park




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