Sunshift welcomes government funding for innovative energy storage solutions


15 December 2017

Laing O'Rourke: The South Australian Government has today awarded SunSHIFT a $1 million grant through its Renewable Technology Fund to help fund a more sustainable energy solution at the Heathgate Resources Beverley mine.

SunSHIFT – a wholly owned subsidiary of Laing O’Rourke – delivers a cleaner and more cost effective alternative to diesel and gas power for off-grid users such as mines, construction sites and remote communities.

The $1 million grant will help fund a $2.69 million modular and relocatable solar PV and battery storage project at the Heathgate Resources Beverley mine. The project will pair 1MW of solar PV with a 1MW/0.5MWh battery, and integrate with the existing on-­site gas power plant.

SunSHIFT General Manager Dr Will Rayward-Smith welcomed today’s announcement and thanked Premier Weatherill and the South Australian Government for its commitment to investing in world-class renewable energy sources.

“Short-­term users of energy, such as mines, have historically been locked out of energy storage and solar power, as traditional technologies are permanent and require long-­term contracts. SunSHIFT offers the solution,” Dr Rayward-Smith said.

“Our modular energy storage and solar power plants can easily be moved from one user to the next, meaning we only require short-­term contracts.

“We look forward to working closely with the team at the Heathgate Resources Beverley mine and delivering an innovative energy supply solution that is more affordable and sustainable.”





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